Satisfied tenants

Today's tenants are making more and more demands on the landlords. We help you get more satisfied customers through a good digital user experience that caters to the interests of tenants.
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Create more satisfied tenants

Good communication is essential to creating solid and long-lasting tenancies. With Propely, you easily communicate with your tenants, and have a good tool for follow-up.

Tenant Solution

Easier for landlords and tenants

Tenant Portal

Proprietary building portal with communication, information and availability of services.

Customer follow-up

Improve follow-up between operation and tenant through a seamless interaction within the platform. Can also be used as a simpler CRM system for existing tenants.

News/information sharing

Share building or tenant level information and news either as an in-app push notification and/or as a self-profiled email with their identity.

Deviation Notice

Easy deviation notice for tenant. The tenant is automatically updated with updates and does not have to purge the status.


Optional chat to communicate with the users of the building, whether it's trustees, tenants or vendors.


Intuitive booking of meeting rooms, premises, equipment or other devices. Can also be integrated with automatic assignment of digital key access.

Tenant Surveys

Create customer surveys to obtain structured information from your tenants, quickly and easily.


Module for events on buildings across tenants.

Operational tenants

In the case of a bare-house agreement, the tenant can report deviations, perform routine tasks, handle documentation, send and receive service reports, etc.

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