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Full control of facility management, deviations, routines and fire safety reports. Get insights and reports on operations and suppliers. Also meet the new AI inbox that simplifies and automates the handling of service reports.
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Optimize operations by benchmarking suppliers and operations on response time, remediation time, etc.


Seamless communication, the right information to the right person at the right time ensure efficient and streamlined operations.


The AI inbox automates your repetitive tasks and saves you management and time in your day to day.

Facility management


Deviation treatment

Let tenants and operations personnel report discrepancies and errors so that they are heard. Then all of your work, delegation and communication are brought together on one and the same platform, giving you data and control over the operational phase of the building.

Routines and checklists

Set up work tasks to be performed based on different frequencies, whether it be operating routines, cleaning, holidays or the like. The right people are notified at the right time and no tasks are forgotten.

Facility management documentation

Gain control over legally required facility management documentation and streamline your own operations with easily accessible information for the entire organization.

Hour and cost registration

Record hours and costs on tasks to generate reports and invoice bases.

Fire safety report

Collect all deviations, procedures, documents, reports and other information related to fire protection into a clear fire safety report. An important tool for documenting fire protection efforts by fire departments, governments and insurance companies.

Air quality

Set up custom alarms from AirThings sensors on the building to alert operators of air quality anomalies, radon, virus risks and more. Catch problems before your tenants do.

Maintenance and investment plans

Maintenance planning, budgeting and reporting at both the construction and portfolio levels.

Service Agreements & Service Reports

Manage appointments and reports efficiently with artificial intelligence. We automatically retrieve information to sort documents, create discrepancies, find those responsible, etc.

AI Service Reports (New)

Unique solution for efficient handling of service reports. Get a dedicated email for receiving the reports. Further, artificial intelligence processes the document, finds the right supplier, executor, dates and lists deviations/measures identified in the report.


To facilitate interaction with their providers, you can both give them their own access and assign tasks via email with guest access. In addition, providers can send service reports directly to the dedicated email address.

Insight and Analysis

With the Insights module, you get analysis and statistics on your management and operations. Easy to use “Business intelligence” tool with excellent reporting capabilities and own KPIs for operations, such as response time, remediation time, cost reports, etc.!

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