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In order to provide you with the tools that makes your properties more efficient, we work with carefully selected partners. We want to be able to offer good comprehensive solutions, seamless interaction and optimal utilization of resources. Our API can be easily set up with other systems and you will get automatically updated data across the solutions.


Adaptic Technology offers a digital platform for energy monitoring, reporting, and cost allocation in commercial buildings. Adaptic Cloud provides owners with full control over energy consumption, power, water, waste, and self-produced energy. Tenant billing is automated through a digital model integrated with the customer's financial system and Propely.
Seamless and fair cost allocation to tenants in commercial buildings.
Flexible and automatic reporting to management, operations, and tenants.
Intelligent and digital monitoring and analysis of energy, water, and waste.


Airthings provides advanced solutions for indoor air quality measurement, including smart air quality meters and radon meters. In Propely, you get direct deviation notifications from Airthings sensors and the ability to monitor sensor data such as easy overview and effective monitoring of indoor climate.
Increased energy efficiency and improved air quality
Continuous sensor data monitoring
Effective monitoring of indoor climate and deviation reports


Fazile offers an intelligent and flexible management system that provides easy overview of your company's real estate portfolio. Through the integration with Fazile, you can access relevant contract information and financial data directly in Propely.
Intelligent management system for corporate real estate portfolio.
Integrated with accounting systems for error-free data entry.
Direct access to contract information and financial data in Propely


Through a seamless integration with the Fenistra management system, which is part of Visma Property Solutions, you get direct access to key information from property, contracts and tenants presented in an intuitive way in Propely.
Up-to-date figures from Fenistra are generated seamlessly in Propely
Full control on VAT and area figures in Fenistra, using drawings
Optimized information flow ensures compliance with rules, regulations and requirements


Findable is an AI-powered document platform that provides full control over legally required building documentation. You can automatically sort and organize existing and ongoing documentation and generate defect reports. Ongoing documentation is easily sent by email and the system handles the rest. Get documentation automatically sorted by building subtable directly into Propely.
Get full controll on building securities
Improved maintenance and lower operating costs
Easy sorting and generation of defect reports


Hybel is Norway's largest platform for managing rental portfolios with 1,600+ real estate companies. Integration synchronizes information about rental objects, tenants and maintenance messages. Deviations that the tenant reports on their Dorm page are transferred to Propely for further processing. Status changes and messages are synchronized from Propely back to the Studio to keep the tenant and manager up to date.
Easy, safe and efficient rental for both landlord and tenant
Mobile-friendly rental and rental property management platform
Integrated with all ERP systems, Propely, Unloc, Fenistra, etc.


Life @Work streamlines interaction between users, operations personnel, landlords and external services. The integration ensures that the tenant service is updated in real time with its operational status. Registration of inquiries and communications are synchronized between the systems, and the data provides precise evaluation of response time, remediation time and number of cases with tenants.
Seamless communication between tenants and management
Direct deviation management from Propely to Life @Work
Benchmarking analysis and insights


Probase's digital tool ensures that statutory fire technical requirements are maintained at all times on your buildings or projects. Through the integration with Probase, deviation management related to fire audits and self-control checklists can be handled directly in Propely. Get full control of the fire safety document in Propely.
Get clarity on statutory fire technical requirements
Ensure complete control over fire safety in your building
Efficient deviation management to fire audits and fire safety document


Soundsensing offers a condition monitoring system that, using machine learning, listens to and analyzes the sound and vibration signatures of engineering facilities. Through the integration with Soundsensing, you will get deviations detected by the sensors directly into Propely, ensuring efficient communication and seamless handling.
Detect operating pattern deviations, maintenance needs, and energy thieves automatically and instantly
Reduced energy, maintenance and service costs
Efficient communication and seamless handling


Unloc enables the use of your mobile as a key on all your doors, across different locking systems. Meet tenant demand for smart solutions, increase safety and save time in operation. The integration with Unloc makes it possible to manage keys in Propely so that you as a manager, landlord or operator only have to deal with a system.
Complete overview of who has access where
Share keys digitally, no time spent distributing physical keys
Easy building upgrade with support for existing locking systems


Zensy Vision is a wireless smart camera that uses artificial intelligence to monitor, assess and notify if changes occur on roof hatches or gutters. The integration with Zensy allows for easy control of multiple builds by receiving and handling detected deviations directly in Propely.
Wireless monitoring of gutters and roof hatches
Avoid water damage with automatic controls
Demand Driven Monitoring and Maintenance of Deviations
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