Propely AI streamlines information retrieval from documents

Now we launch Propely AI - is a tool in demand from our customers. Now you can easily streamline information retrieval from service agreements and reports. Read about how this technology works and why you should use it.
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April 23, 2024

Product development based on feedback from our customers

Testing new technologies and innovation is an important part of Propely's culture, and we continually strive to challenge the industry and ourselves by delivering improved efficiency and usability in our solutions. We base our product development on feedback from our customers. Through close dialogue, we want to understand their needs and challenges so that we can deliver solutions that help them succeed.

After conversations in customer meetings and market research, it became apparent that traditional methods of handling service agreements and reports were both time-consuming and vulnerable to error. This formed the basis for our work to modernize and streamline the processes in document processing.

“After conversations with several of our customers, it emerged that handling service agreements and reports was a manual, time-consuming and repetitive process. It was then that we realized that such a job had been perfect to structure for a machine” — says Co-Founder and CGO Steinar Seim.

Since the start of 2024, we have had a dedicated AI team consisting of talented developers from NTNU who have been investigating how generative AI can be used to streamline some of the processes we know our customers spend an unnecessary amount of time on today. They saw the opportunity to analyze and verify content in service agreements and reports to generate more accurate summaries and identify discrepancies. This became the basis for Propely AI.

How does Propely AI work?

Propely AI is a tool to streamline information retrieval from service agreements and reports. The technology is able to process documents from various suppliers, and plot key information from here into the facility management system. By automating large parts of the traditional process associated with these document types, the tool is able to significantly reduce the time managers spend on such tasks.

The document is sent as an ordinary email to a separate AI inbox, via a specific email address. In this way, the document is uploaded directly into Propely, and made ready for processing. Then the AI is used to read and extract important information from the document. This includes, among other things, a brief summary of the content of the document, what property it deals with and what deviations were recorded by the supplier.

This information is then used to generate suggestions for data that can be entered into Propely. These suggestions can either be accepted or overridden by the user. In this way, the process is greatly streamlined, while the administrator has an additional security link to ensure that the correct information is transferred from the document to Propely.

Once the user has gone through the various proposals of the AI model, the processing of the document can be completed. The information will then be integrated into Propely and trigger immediate reactions from the rest of the system. For example, any discrepancies from service reports will be automatically created in the task list, with all relevant information attached.

Why use Propely AI?

By making use of our new AI technology, our users save a lot of time by greatly reducing the time they spend browsing various service reports in search of important information. Another advantage of the technology is that it is relatively easy to deal with for suppliers, as the only thing they need to do is send the service reports to the correct email address. The product has been tested by several customers in beta version in recent months and the feedback has been very good.

Huge potential

The driving force behind the development of Propely AI is the feedback and needs of our customers, and we will continue to do so in the further development of the tool. The AI team has already begun exploring the next step and we have looked at, among other things, which document types can be supported by the same technology and whether we can identify discrepancies sent in a text format via emails.

In addition, we have looked at the possibility of streamlining the collection of information for environmental and sustainability certifications for real estate companies and properties. By reading through large volumes of documents in the platform, the AI can extract required data, create summaries, provide maintenance recommendations on routines, and estimate plant life. All this information can be further used in investment plans on real estate.

“Propely AI has the potential to change the way a property manager works. It represents a digital transformation that streamlines the work processes of our customers.” - Co-Founder and CEO Kristoffer Lundquist.

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